GWS-Combo pack


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✅Package Graphics Package includes:
▶ 16th December/17th March.
▶ 21 February/26 March.
▶ School and Coaching.
▶ Islamic background.
▶ Visiting card design.
▶ ID card design.
▶ Crest design.
▶ Political Banner Poster Design.
▶ Poster design for waz, mahfil.
▶ Eid Mubarak Poster Design.
▶ Logo design.
▶ Bengali Typography.
▶ Calendar design.
▶ Alpana Design.
▶ Mug design.
▶ Facebook Poster Design.
▶ Bengali font, Arabic font, English font.
▶Cash memo design.
▶ Halkhata design.
▶Bangla Typography Design.
▶Wedding calligraphy.
▶Store required files.
▶Graphics icon pack.
▶Durga Puja.
▶She’s English premium font.
▶Professional CV Design
▶ Visiting card design.
▶Memo design.
▶ID card design.
▶Certificate Design.
▶Birth register.
▶Halkhata design.
▶Admission Form.
▶Death Function
✅Package Word File ✅What’s in Graphics Package:★
▶ CV.
▶ Application form.
▶ Experience Certificate.
▶Inheritance Certificate.
▶ Charitrik Sanad Family Certificate.
▶Various certificates.
▶ Death certificate.
▶ Certificate of monthly or annual income.
▶ No objection certificate.
▶ Power of Attorney.
▶Certificate of non-remarriage.
▶ Permission letter.
▶Same person certificate.
▶Specimen signature attestation letter.
▶ Joining letter.
▶ Resign letter.
▶Various forms.
▶ Money Receipt.
▶Different admission forms.
▶ School question paper format.
▶Marriage Certificate.
▶ Kabinnama.
▶Shop office rent.
▶ Land sale deed.
▶ Letter.
▶ Land sale.
▶Flat for sale.
▶Deed of sale of car.
▶Partnership Agreement.
▶Miscellaneous affidavits.
▶Adobe Collection 2022.
▶Adobe Photoshop.
▶Adobe Illustrator.
▶ Video editing software.
▶Filmora 11.
▶Bijoy 52.
▶ Microsoft Office 2010.
▶Bangla font.
▶Autocad 2007.
▶Data recovery software.
✅Each category file is inserted separately.


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GWS-Combo pack


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